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We are the premier colateral recovery agency operating in Florida.
We service 16 counties with offices located in West Palm Beach, Tampa, and Palm Bay.

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Tracy Strong has been part of the towing & collateral recovery industry for over 14 years. She started at King’s Wrecker as a driver in 2002. Seeing the great opportunity and potential of the collateral recovery industry in 2006, she signed on to co-own and operate Advanced Finance Adjusters. During this time she was charged with not only running a truck at night but managing the company during the day. In six years, through steadfast hard work and dedication she built Advanced Finance Adjusters into a professional and competitive collateral recovery agency. Armed with experience and vision, in 2012, Tracy decided to take full control of the company and rename it Strong Recovery Inc. As full owner, she realizes how important it is to be involved as much as possible in the collateral recovery industry.


Tracy is currently president of the FLorida Alliance of Certified Asset Recovery Specialists, an association created to advocate for the rights of licensed collateral recovery specialists and is instrumental in the development and passage of Florida law which regulates repossession activity in Florida.

Tracy Strong as president of FLACARS, Tim O’Rourke the president of FALI, and Eddy Esquival president of FASCO, form the Council of Presidents. This council is made up of the presidents of each Florida State association governed under Florida Statutes 493. This council was crucial in getting the law passed last year that made stricter penalties for persons involved in unlicensed activities. This council has become one unified voice for all persons licensed under the Department of Agriculture Division of Licensing.

corplogoTracy Strong also serves as a member of The Council Of Repossession Professionals which represents repossession agencies nationwide with a united voice of fairness and cooperation, in all issues of common concern, and serves as a conduit of information and education to the recovery industry, financial institutions and regulatory authorities.

Tracy was trained and certified by the Professional Wrecker Operator ofpwoflogo Florida early on in her career. Today in recognition and appreciation of all they do, Strong Recovery Inc. maintains a working relationship and full membership with the P.W.O.F.

Tracy truly loves being part of the collateral recovery industry and constantly strives to do her part to make it better.wtraalogo
She believes that being plugged in and networking throughout the industry is the best way to accomplish that. That is why she supports and is a member of organizations such as the Women of the Towing & Recovery Association of America and the California Association of Licensed Repossessors.

calrlogoFor Strong Recovery Inc., Tracy has always stuck to the motto that if you want to be the best, hire the best and then train them on how you want it done. We have accomplished this by only hiring drivers with a minimum of 10 years of experience, office staff that are of the highest caliber, and skiptracers that are the sharpest in the business. Then we train them…

carslogonewOur field agents and our office staff are C.A.R.S. certified. The Certified Asset Recovery Specialist National Certification Program is accepted in all fifty states as the premier professional certification program for collateral recovery specialists.

falilogoTracy is also a member of the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators. Since 1994, FALI has served as the leading advocate for professional investigators and licensed agencies throughout the State of Florida. Their commitment to professional conduct, ethics and education is the foundation of the organization.

vtsAt Strong Recovery Inc. we strive for the utmost professionalism in every thing we do. We pride ourselves in the fact that we are here not only to serve our clients, but to also make sure that every one of our clients’ customers are treated with courtesy and respect.

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Collateral Recovery

We offer a variety of services to recover your assets at competitive rates. Please feel free to contact us for pricing, or any questions you may have on how we can accommodate your company’s needs.

What we offer
  • Involuntary Repossessions
  • Voluntary Repossessions
  • Impound Recovery

Ancillary Services

We pride ourselves on our investigative talent. We use advanced technologies along with instinct, experience and good old fashioned detective work to find the most well hid collateral.

What we offer
  • Skip Tracing
  • Field Visits
  • Pictures and Condition Reports
  • Vehicle Storage

Top Notch Support

Our commitment to superior customer service guarantees that your accounts are executed perfectly from beginning to end.

What we offer
  • Timely Updates
  • Strategy
  • Professionalism
  • Experience

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